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The Chevelles live rock n’ roll performances have been entertaining cities and communities across Canada for well over 20 years. Every show they create is aimed at making each party a night to remember, and filling the dance floor with universally appreciated hits from the dawning of Rock n’ Roll and each unique decade afterwards.


This completely live entertaining four piece band was strategically created by drummer T.T. Chevelle. His intention was to bring back the Explosive Dynamic Power and Excitement of the Live Music Club Scenes that Dominated the 60’s, 70's, 80's, 90's and beyond.


Leading the Chevelle charge, with in your face vocals, is Buck Chevelle  Lead Vocalist/ Lead Guitarist.

Always delivering everything within their ability, the remaining band members are, Woody Chevelle, Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar/ Keyboards. Seamus Chevelle,/ Lead Vocals/ Bass Guitar, and T.T. Chevelle, Vocals/Drums/Manager, giving every audience a night of pure fun & entertainment they won't forget.


Live Rock ‘n’ Roll remains one of the most powerful forms of “Face to Face” entertainment in the world still to this day, for everyone young and old alike.”The Chevelles” enjoy bringing back the excitement of electric guitar driven music to every stage they play on show after show.


With a HUGE SONG LIST of 200, “The Chevelles” put forth the best show possible for the audience, night after night after night. If you haven’t seen this ” Inspiring Rock ‘n’ Roll Party Tribute “, please take the chance, come to a show near you. Watch, dance & have fun like everyone else who are creating memories!





Rock n’ Roll Dance Music



T.T. Chevelle – Drums / Vocals / Manager

Buck Chevelle – Lead Vocals / Lead Guitar

Woody Chevelle – Guitars / Vocals / Keyboard

Seamus Chevelle – Lead Vocals / Bass Guitar


Lethbridge, Alberta

General Manager:

T.T. Chevelle



Rockin' guitar-driven tracks since the 50’s 


Locations Served:

All of Canada


Tour Dates

For Contact and Booking
T.T. Chevelle   (403) 315-0155


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